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We support startups in building resilient and self-reliant teams that stand the test of time.

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A Recruitment session is a chance for us to work together for free and see in real time what we can achieve in 30 mins. There is no sales pitch better than that.

Our Clients

Silicon Valley Bank | Bling | Hypertype | z.Trusion | Hiotlabs | Zebrain | MedUniverse | Lupinta | | Mindmore | Quizrr | HarvestMoon | Adway | Movesta | xNomad | Acuminor | Beatly | Dockstr | DPOrganizer | Brain Stimulation | Fenix | Defentry | Pliance | Evolar | Indicio | Bower | Matsmart | Trail Games | Vården | Unconventional Ventures | Techsite | Fixi | Formulate | Flasheye

How do we work?

We specialise in startup recruitments and have 10+ years of experience building scalable teams. We work with founders & hiring managers closely and enable them to successfully recruit in the shortest and cost-effective way.

We work in iteration through recruitment sessions where every week you will have the chance to adapt the requirements of the role as you meet interesting talents instead of having a fixed job ad delivering the same kind of applicants.


Your ability to Lead, Satisfy and Recruit your team says everything about what kind of company you are building.

Strong teams can make all the difference during testing times. It is never too early to start thinking about team dynamics and best practices.

Our core areas of support

We define your needs

We support you in changing the needs of your role from an objective list of requirements to different profiles of people that you can connect with from the first minute

We guide you through the hiring process

We will work closely in every step of the recruitment process thereby giving you the possibility to upgrade your hiring practises for all future recruitments

We support you with the necessary tools

We will support you with all the templates and tools needed for a smooth hiring and we constantly build new partnerships with cutting-edge recruitment & HR tools in the market


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